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Coldec particles


Welcome to the website of Coldec Particles, the specialist  of colourflakes and coloured particles.

Coldec is worldwide the largest manufacturer of colourflakes. These flakes or colourchips are particles produced by crushing a film made of a composition of different resins or polymers. Coldec is the OEM for various applications e.g. floorcoatings, vinylfloorcovering, linoleum, decorative and architectural paintsystems, table – and kitchentops. With different production lines and a modern R & D facility Coldec has the  technology to participate in the development of new applications

At the site in Vaassen (NL) Coldec produces yearly about 4000 tonnes of colourflakes and particles which are supplied to over 40 countries. The company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.