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Go Ahead Eagles' new flooring

The foundation for success.

In preparation for the season 2012 / 2013 the new staff led by Erik ten Hag expressed an important wish to the board of Go Ahead Eagles namely to refresh the floor of the fitness- and treatment area.

Coldec was approached. As supplier to manufacturers, developers and floorers, Coldec has an extensive international network where the requirements of Go Ahead Eagles could be presented. Contact was made with Jeroen van den Berg of FFEXX Floor Covering in Capelle aan de IJssel. This company introduced a new flooring product to the European Market in 2011 and Coldec played an important role in the development of the final design of the product. 

The result is great.
Unique with an amazing decorative effect. FFEXX presents in its program 25 fashionable trend colours specially formulated together with Dutch topdesigners. The resin floor is built on the spot and consists of 3 layers. After pre-processing of the surface, a primer is applied which ensures excellent adhesion and equalization.  In the still wet layer Coldec’s  colour particles are blown with a special spray gun. After drying the floor is coated with a polyurethane protective layer. The harmonization of the 3 layers creates the final image. The floor is smooth yet antiskid, seamless, waterproof,  easy to clean and easy to maintain. Any damages can be easily restored.

 It took only 3 days to finalize the floor.


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