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Royal Paints Sri Lanka & Coldec

Collaboration Royal Paints Sri Lanka and Coldec PRO through PUM.

Thanks to the involvement of PUM (the non-profit organization for deployment of Dutch Senior Experts to developing countries, helping local entrepreneurs to develop their businesses) a collaboration has developed between Royal Paints Sri Lanka and Coldec PRO, the paint manufacturer within the Coldec Groep.
On behalf of PUM, Bart Holman introduced the paint manufacturer from Sri Lanka to PRO to gain knowledge of Coldec's advanced decorative paint systems.
The company was so impressed that the first orders were placed less than a week after the initial meeting.
Previously PUM introduced several foreign companies to Coldec for a joint development of new products.
With the Colombian paint manufacturer Recol this development has led to a fruitful cooperation.
The start with Royal Paints Sri Lanka looks very promising.

For further information, please contact : info@coldec.nl