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Coldec wins packaging Award

Coldec wins prestigious packaging award. 

Ron Bleize, owner and general manager of Coldec in Vaassen was rather surprised when a package arrived from the United Stated, sent by the North American organization The Association for Dressings and Sauces.

Although the paint manufacturer had been informed months ago that his new paint container was nominated  for the Annual Package of the Year Award, he hadn’t thought about it until the package arrived.“
It is nice that our packaging producer reacted so enthousiastically by submitting our innovation to the organization. However, with strong competition from large American marketing companies including Heinz and Unilever, which are actually operating in the food sector, it seemed very unlikely to win this prize.”

It turned out differently. Coldec  was the big winner and Bleize proudly placed the award on his desk. The winning paint packaging was specially developed by Coldec to tint paint by shaking the container. This “Paletto Paint Mix and Shake Bag” contains1,5 Literprofessional wallpaint and is tinted by adding one entire colorant tube and then shake the package for one minute. The Paletto paint program consists of 50 trend colours and offers great benefits for both the consumer and the retailer, according to Bleize.
“The retailer can offer over 50 paint colours with just one meter of shelf space. Whereas the consumer can easily choose the desired paint colour and buy it in places where it previously wasn’t available. We also have high expectations of sales through on line stores. Coldec is now in negotiation with several major retail chains. We assume that the product will be available to the consumer as of February 2013.”