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Hotel Huis Vermeer

Right in the center of Deventer Hotel Huis Vermeer opened in May 2013. Three historic properties were merged and transformed into a hotel. Quite a job, with amazing results!
The owner of the hotel searched with decorator Ooms from Deventer, for a special kind of wallpaper. When an endless search yielded no results, the idea arose to imitate the wallpaper with paint.

A special design was made for the walls with our product Marmara. Using different colours of Marmara side by side in strips, the illusion of real wallpaper was created, only seamless.
For all areas of the hotel various colours and designs were used and everything blended in perfectly. The corridors were finished in different shades of yellow. The bedrooms were painted in soft tones with a few accent colours and the common areas were finished in warm colours. Even the paintwork and wood imitations were done by Ooms decorators.

A wonderful result with high quality decorative painting.
We are pleased that we have been able to contribute to such a special project with our products.

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