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Studio Coldec opens stores in China!

A third Studio Coldec store opened in China recently. A store where decorative and functional paint products and systems are available. The franchise concept should build up to a total of 200 specialty stores throughout China.
The Studio Coldec store opened in Yiwu last month. Yiwu is a city with approximately 1,2 million inhabitants, 300 km south from Shanghai. Ron Bleize, general manager of Studio Coldec from Vaassen (NL), attended the grand opening. In this third store mostly decorative paint products are available like whiteboard-, magnetic- and chalkboard paint, but also a variety of multicolour systems.
Studio Coldec started a collaboration with a Chinese entrepeneur in 2014, with the goal to develop the Chinese market. The franchise concept, with the name Studio Coldec, is expanded from the headquater in Shanghai and should lead to a total of 200 specialty stores throughout China in 2018. All products that are being sold in these Chinese stores, are exclusively developed and manufactured by Studio Coldec.
Ron Bleize is involved with the development of the stores. "As general manager of the Coldec Group, I'm responsible for the development of new products and new markets. A good collaboration requires a lot of time and patience. Various shops are opened after careful preparations. We expect to add 10 more stores before the end of the year and that a total of 50 stores will be realized in 2017".