The largest producer of colour flakes

Coldec particles is the world’s largest producer of colour flakes. The colour flakes or colour chips of Coldec particles are thin flaky particles used for decorative effects in walls and/or floors.

As an Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM), Coldec particles achieve a great deal of possibilities for creating decorative effects. Effects that can be seen in plastic floors, vinyl floor coverings, linoleum, but also in decorative paint systems or table and kitchen tops. The diversity of possibilities also stems from the variety of plastics waaaruit our colour flakes are produced.

The wide range of colour flakes has not gone unnoticed in the market. Coldec particles today already supplies more than 40 countries worldwide with colour flakes.

Broad spectrum production Techniques

In 40 years, COLDEC particles has developed a broad spectrum of different production techniques to produce particles.

In our modern R & D facility at our production site in Vaassen (NL), particles for different applications are developed and tested. Coldec is in close contact with a number of different international laboratories for carrying out very specific tests. Our products comply with most of the world’s leading international regulations.

Our production site in Vaassen (NL) has a capacity of approx. 4000 tonnes. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


The COLDEC group was founded in 1978 and in its early years focused on the production and marketing of colour flakes and plastic particles. This raw material is mainly used in multicolour paint systems, but also in wall and/or floor finishing. The COLDEC group has managed to distinguish itself in the international market and focuses on the market for colour flakes and also paint products, Coldec particles and Studio Coldec.

Coldec particles has developed into the largest producer of colour flakes in the world. In collaboration with and commissioned by the paint industry, the COLDEC group has also begun to develop (decorative) paint products. This intensive collaboration with the paint industry has led to the creation and drop of Studio Coldec .

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